Tens of Thousands cheer I Want More at Brandenburg Gate

It was awesome! On July 11 we have rocked the stage of the World Cup Fan Mile in front of ten thousands of people. Now you can see the live footage from the already legendary gig in the music video to I Want More.

For the semifinal Croatia-England, Berlin reached out for reinforcement from Austria for the first time. To this invitation, even Aaron couldn’t say No. Before the match we have fired up the fan mile with five songs from “Hamlet at Sunset”. In the half-time break, the stage was ours again and we have rocked the tens of thousands of visitors at the mile with our new single “I Want More” properly once more.

“This is the sort of gig you’ll always remember. We couldn’t have found any better pictures for the video to our new single”, says Aaron. And as always, our frontman is right! Everyone who has missed to see the gig live, is able to witness it from now on in our YouTube channel:

The single “I Want More” is available for download and streaming:


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