All good things are worth waiting for: The music video to the new single “King of This Land” is ready and will be released today!

Half measures have never been Aaron’s thing. And when the release date of his new single drew close, the “King of This Land” proved himself to be a true King of the Perfectionists once more: Und so entpuppte sich der “King of This Land” kurz vor dem Single-Release vor zwei Wochen einmal mehr als König der Perfektionisten: Rather than presenting anything to his fans that doesn’t fully meet his high standards, he preferred to release the song without the video in favor of going another extra mile with the latter. Instead, the single release has been accompanied by a “Making of” with insights from the first video shoot. An unusual step, but as Aaron always used to say: “When you do what everybody does, you won’t get anywhere else than everybody else.”

So he returned to the film sets once more to shoot additional scenes between the high mountains, dark forests and raging rivers of his Austrian homeland that provide the impressive backdrop for the live action scenes, in which Aaron and his band are rocking in misty nocturnal landscapes.

And now the long wait is rewarded with a visual feast: The “Game of Thrones” references in the lyrics are joined by opulent images from another fantasy story, set in a dark and outer-worldly realm. “The video is also about the battle with our own demons”, says Aaron. “Nothing is as valuable as the time we have for the people and things that are really close to our hearts. But we always act, as if anything else is far more important.”

Watch the video in HD quality on YouTube:

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