Video-Release of “Bring Your Own Star To Life”

From today, our new single “Bring Your Own Star To Life” is not only rocking our fans, who have been kept in suspense for a long time now, but also the world’s smartphones. The music video that we’re releasing today is not only heralding our new album “Hamlet at Sunset”, but has also been pitched by the social media app for its worldwide release on smartphones in 2018.

For the science fiction video with its fireworks of special effects it was a great honor for us to be joined by the real and legendary developers of the app in person on set. True to their app’s motto  “Some of us may be slaughtered, but they can’t stop the rock!”, they fight the villains in a hot and epic battle.

Aaron sings “Bring Your Own Star to Life”, Marc hammers his strings und Andre beats the skins off his drums until the worst a band can experience during a performance happens: They find themselves looking directly into the muzzles of loaded laser guns! Has the end of their comeback come even before they could launch it? Find out in the video!


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